Anterior Open Bite

Anterior Open Bite


The anterior open bite is a very predictable malocclusion to correct with elasthodontia.

Its etiology and the initial position of the anterior teeth as well as the possible basal or dentoalveolar compression of the dental arches should be studied. In addition, they are often associated with habits or alterations in function.

Treatment of anterior open bite

The treatment options are:

A- the previous extrusion, which can be absolute or relative
B- posterior intrusion, very favorable movement to deal with the aligners. Also in these cases, a combined treatment with both therapeutic options is usually performed.

Many of these cases are associated with narrow arches with transverse discrepancy in posterior areas. In these cases, it is recommended to correct the torque of the posterior pieces to obtain a correct final occlusion.

In summary, anterior extrusion combined with posterior intrusion together with dentoalveolar expansion, controlling torque in the posterior sectors, are very effective mechanisms in closing an anterior open bite.