Where can I get treated with PERFEKTSMIL?

Contact your country’s affiliate and they will tell you which doctors we have certified

Are PERFEKTSMIL splints really not visible?

Not at first glance, most people will never notice, it’s very subtle.

How does the PERFEKTSMIL work on my teeth?

It’s a non-invasive technique. The aligners gently push your teeth into it, in the proper order, until they are carefully brought into their ideal position.

In how many countries is PERFEKTESMIL available?

Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Finland and Hungary.

Can the treatment last longer than expected?

Rarely, but it is possible as each person is different. In case this happens, we will adapt the treatment until the desired goal is achieved.

Can I remove the splints at any time?

You can take them off for meals and for oral hygiene.

Is the PERFEKTESMIL treatment safe?

All treatments are prescribed by licensed dentists and designed by experts with years of experience.